Your Story

Do you have a story of moving to the United States and attending an American school? Record your own audio answer to one of the interview questions below and post it on social media using the hashtag #PointsInBetween.

1. How did you find out you would be moving to the United States? Did you take part in making the decision or did it come as a surprise to you? What do you remember about leaving home? How old were you when you arrived in the US?

2. Walk us through a typical day of school in your country of origin.

3. How did you think the United States was going to look? What, if anything, surprised you when you arrived?

4. Can you describe your first day of school in the US?

5. What would surprise your US classmates about school in your country of origin?

6. Describe your interactions with a teacher before you came to the US. Do teachers and students behave the same way in your US school(s) as they did where you came from?

7. What language(s) did you speak when you arrived in the United States? Do you feel like you are a different person in the different languages you speak?

8. What kinds of things do you change about your behavior as you move from home to school? Is your home culture very different from your school culture?

9. How did you make your first American-born friend? And if you haven't yet made an American-born friend, why do you think that is?

10. Do you feel like you are American? Do you want to feel American? And if so (or if not), what does "American" mean to you?