Episode 8: Here and There

This episode looks at the small (and sometimes big) things people notice and adapt to as they settle into a new place. You'll hear about nostalgia, curiosity, and adaptation. Also, we'll consider our interviewees in a broader historical context.

Voices in this Episode
Xuhui, Julianna, Selena, Ruth, Roya, Ra'ouf, Lingerr, Siobhan, Juan, Shiraj, Yesica, Omar

Further Exploration

Africa's Discovery of Europe by David Northrup

"The Chinese student experience in America, with Siqi Tu and Eric Fish" from the Sinica podcast

Codeswitch podcast from NPR

"French Child Ambassadors in the East" from the 15 Minute History podcast at UT Austin

"Marco Polo and His Travels" from The Silk Road Foundation


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