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Teaching for Sustainable Communities CGEP@SDSU

This year-long program for K-12 teachers begins with a 5-day institute, continues throughout the school year with follow-up meetings, field study, webinars, coaching, and/or other local support, and culminates with a student exhibition of learning and action projects that demonstrate agency and address local sustainability issues related to the environment. 

Throughout this program, educators interact with academic scholars, local government, professionals, community organizers, and colleagues to learn to:

·     Build knowledge about sustainability and the environment

·     Develop students’ global competence

·     Integrate design thinking into instructional plans

·     Engage students in relevant learning and problem solving

·     Facilitate student-driven action projects for sustainable communities 

This program is designed for interdisciplinary studies and the teaching of environmental literacy and global competence across subject areas. Sustainable communities value and embrace social, economic, and ecological diversity. As such, we are looking for diverse representation among participants and the students they serve. We will tailor content and resources to the group’s needs while focusing on strategies for equity and engagement for all students.

Register now at for the program closest to you before limited spaces are filled. For more information, please contact Regional Interim Director Kelly Leon at