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World Religions Series: Hinduism CGEP@Fullerton

The California Global Education Project @ CSU Fullerton (formerly known as Fullerton International Resources for Schools and Teachers--FIRST) is providing this opportunity to learn about the religions and cultures of the diverse student populations in our Southern California classrooms.  This series will continue over a 3 year period to provide an opportunity to explore all of the major World Religions.  Each class will provide appropriate classroom materials and lessons related to California State Standards. The major goals of this series, which is designed to increase global competence, are to promote a more peaceful community through knowledge and understanding of one another and to provide you with accurate information and standards based lessons ready to use in your classroom.    


You are invitedto participate in this session on Hinduism that is designed for you to: 

·      Learn about the Hindu religion and culture of many students in Orange County

·      Learn about the beliefs and celebrations that many of your Hindu students and their families practice

·      Learn about the history, literature, art and dance related to Hinduism

·      Visit a House of Worship representative of the Hindu religion

·      Participate in a dialogue/panel with parents and students about their educational needs related to their religion


Registration:  Email your registration to Connie DeCapite at

Include your name, school, grade level and subject you are teaching, cell, and email address.   Registration is due by March 16, 2019.