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The California International Studies Project at CSU Long Beach is hosting a

3-day New Teachers Institute for all core subject secondary teachers. The program is designed to help new teachers develop into future leaders, to aid their professional growth both in the classroom and in the field of education, to increase their resources and to form a network of teacher support.


Who Should Apply

Secondary teachers in the 4 core subjects (Math, History/Social Science, English, Science) 5 years or less, who are seeking supportive opportunities to foster their own pedagogical learning and leadership development.


Topics and Goals for the 3 Days

● Building teacher emotional resilience

● Developing strategies for a student-centered classroom

● Preparing students to be globally competent citizens

● Effective teacher collaboration for the Linked Learning classroom

● Working to spark curiosity, ignite passion, and unleash genius in your students

● Integrating technology for flipped/blended learning

● Participating in professional learning and leadership development


To view flyer with more information, please click on the resource link below.