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FIRST- Engaging the Past with the Present

Three sessions are planned to support High School History/Social Science teachers in

implementing the history/social science content standards while using literacy

strategies. A guest scholar will present on one standards-based topic at each session.

Special attention will also be placed on supporting the on-going DBQ trainings.

Classroom-ready lessons, resources and materials will be provided at each session.

Technology and strategies for blended learning will also be incorporated in all sessions.

Session 3:

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 8:00 am – 5:00pm - Fieldtrip to the Reagan Library

(Simi Valley)

Teachers will tour the Reagan Library and will attend professional development on

teaching the following 3 lessons: Executive Power in Times of Crisis, a DBQ on The

American Presidency, the Cold War and The Great Communicator Files, a primary

source document program on speech writing and speech making using sources from the


To register email or you can also go to OLM and type in “Social Science Writing Trainings” and select the training you desire